A collaboration for Nicolás Paris’ Project for Barcelona Caixa Forum (design of spatial devices and architecture)

ph: Barcelona Caixa Forum

Barcelona, Spain / 2017

This proposal by Nicolás Paris takes apart the traditional model of art exhibition and creates a laboratory conceived to encourage us to observe, question and enter into dialogue. The artist considers the exhibition as an intermediate point in a research process, and therefore sees it as a place in which to continue experimenting, creating and transforming ideas collectively. With this in mind, he has conceived an environment with specific architectural forms designed to stimulate the participation of the viewer in a series of learning experiences. His intention is to make this a place that is open to the lightning strike of the unexpected, and consequently proposes exercises that pay special attention to learning and artistic processes, both of which move in the field of the unknown, the extraordinary and the surprising.

Architecture and works of art take on meaning thanks to the acts of mediation that will unfold over the course of the exhibition. On occasions the space will become a classroom for exchanging knowledge, a meeting place for educators or a workshop for schoolchildren. All visitors, however, will be able to take part in the experiences of varying intensity promoted by the project. The pedagogical protocol conceived by Paris for his own art works is extended here to embrace proposals made by other artists, also represented in the collection (Ignasi Aballí, Damián Ortega, Alejandro Cesarco, Dora García, Fernanda Fragateiro, Elena del Rivero, Pere Llobera, Abraham Cruzvillegas, and Victoria Civera) in order to stimulate the sharing of ideas in the art world.

Sowing lightning is a metaphorical expression to refer to an experimental place that invites brainstorming, in the hope that specific ideas will end up triggering something extraordinary.

Text by_ Exhibition curator Nimfa Bisbe